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Design and Production

WDS has the tools and experience to launch your media product onto various operating systems tablets and mobile devices.

Need video produced or edited with a new HTML wrapper to watch on an iPad? Need your old lecture note slides updated to a new online presentation? We can work everyday with new technologies, while staying fluent with the classic applications and environments, making you ready for new educational displays and interactive learning.

  • Audio/Video production and editing
  • File conversion
  • Image editing
  • Custom Voiceover
  • Closed Captioning
  • Transcription services
  • Translation
  • Ebook production, QA and revisions
  • Presentation creation (from manuscripts or other documents)
    • Information-Based PowerPoint (basic to advanced)
    • Audio PowerPoint
    • Video PowerPoint
    • HTML5 presentations
  • Mathtype
  • File standardization (formats, names, sizes, resolution)


design and production